Oh, that guy!

So Merrin informed me that the guy I was just calling “Hey” during my TV work today (as in “Hey, is this OK?”) is actually Mike Castelluci – Channel 8’s ‘Why Guy’. We *think* the story will run Wednesday morning in the six o’clock hour, as there’s going to be a live shot at the resort around 6:10a.

6:10a?! Thank God for Tivo. I noticed his website has some video clips, so if they upload it – I’ll link it (just for you schmed-i-kins!)

5 thoughts on “Oh, that guy!”

  1. Oh, save the bandwidth. I can’t say I’m too interested in watching you (or anybody else for that matter – nothing personal) nibble on mini-keeshes whilst having avacado-mango-aloe smeared on their 8×5 face with a cucumber wedge.

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