8″ x 5″

For reasons that seem to make sense to everyone in the office, we’ve measured our faces. I’m 8″ tall by 5″ wide.

In other news, work is kicking my ass today.

7 thoughts on “8″ x 5″”

  1. kicking your butt, ‘eh? hmm…you know that your face is 8″ tall by 5″ wide, you carried around a “hush” sign, and you had a facial. Yea…I’d say its kicking your butt alright.

  2. You-ahr going to ordah a keesh, are ent you, girly-mon? Your fashal has you all worn owt.

    Heah me now and lissen to me lata, you should get pumpt-up. No workday would kick MY asz becoz I am pumpulent!


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