Trackback Number 500!

I was serious about my last ping, but now I just want to be world-famous for being the 500th ping to Mena’s post!

4 thoughts on “Trackback Number 500!”

  1. If you detract my movabletype and my clicky finger going a lil wonky during the excitement, you’d have to detract 7 pings… hence you’re really post 493. Still, cool number.

  2. I moved to WordPress a few months ago, and it was the best thing that happened to my blog. I wrote a How To move from Movable Type to WordPress over at my blog, which might be of interest to you.
    WordPress lets me do everything MT did, and the support and user community positively rock!

    Kevin: I removed the links.

  3. First thoughts – borderline comment spam there Carthik. Second, I have absolutely no problem with MT. I think it’s the best product out there with the largest community – just so we’re clear. My issue was with the flawed pricing scale. That’s all. I love MT.


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