nf0 goes WP

nf0 has gone all wordpress. WP seems to be gaining some momentum. As I’ve said, good for WordPress, but y’all leave me alone – I’m not switching.

2 thoughts on “nf0 goes WP”

  1. Me either; I don’t want to learn new software. And, as you pointed out, MT works just fine and dandy. Now that the folks over at Six Apart have restated their intentions with the licensing thing, it will be that much better.

  2. Just for the record, it wasn’t because of the whole MT thing, I actually started jacking with it last week before the announcment. The main reasoning is that I’ve been using MT for ever, and it great. I just wanted to learning something new. I’ve been dealing more with PHP than Perl these days and thought it was a better fit. There are lots of other things I’ve got planned as well for integration, but not enough time 🙂

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