MT Pricing Fallout

Jason’s right – Six Apart does have a right to charge for a great product, but the personal pricing structure is wrong. Jason has 10 blogs and 22 authors. I’ve got 16 blogs (how in the hell did I end up with 16 blogs?!) and 26 authors (how the hell did I end up with 26 authors?!).

The point is – power personal users aren’t going to pay 700+ for their installs. Offer a free verion with limited ability. Offer a personal version that uncapped (I think a lot of people would pay $100 for it, btw – that’s the price of … a lot of things in Dallas but let’ stick with saying it’s for dinner & drinks.)

Tiered pricing for a personal version is a mistake. Hopefully Six Apart will recognize it and make an adjustment soon. With over 490 trackbacks to Mena’s announcement, I think they’re hearing every side of the issue. Otherwise, that version 2.6 I’ve got is looking pretty nice for a long time to come.