I’m digging the free, pre-alpha FeedBurner service. It’s an RSS optimizer than can cut the waste out of your XML, create a version of your feed that’s compatible with all newsreaders, and let’s you track your XML pageviews. RSS tracking? Free? I’m in. It will also integrate your Amazon links to include your affiliate ID, if that’s up your alley. There’s also a handy-dandy FeedBurner blog. Uber-cool.

UPDATE: OK, I’m trying this sucker out. If you use an RSS version of this site, please redirect to http://feeds.feedburner.com/kevindonahue. Thanks!

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  1. I blame you…I followed your link and continued to follow links and found out through the validator my page has syntax errors and it couldn’t find any feeds. Now that I know this I will have to work on it ..It’s all your fault 🙂

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