More tough love for

Josh has been pushing to improve. Now the Dallas Morning News is criticizing Audible’s selection and Audible’s decision to make it’s content available on iTunes Music Store. Crayton Harrison wants to be able to buy just one audio book – rather than maintain his membership and order 2-3 books at a time. Another interesting revelation, some content (including episodic/installment programs) are not being uploaded because guests are not signing digitial releases. Typical growing pains, no doubt, but there seems to be more frequent/public discontent from users.

2 thoughts on “More tough love for”

  1. I still love audible. I couldn’t imagine not having the service (same as Netflix) I’ve been a member since the begining.

  2. Agree with you fully on this issue – Audible still requires much improvement +++ many others…

    In the particular case of Audible I find it a real shame to hear about this because I really love their service.

    There’s a full review of the Audible service for Treo 600 users over here:

    Cheers, A.

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