Feels like Friday

I’m so ready for the weekend to be here. It seems like it was a really long week for some reason. I guess some of it is because of the typical end of the month/quarter sales quota pressure – but I finished the quarter at 119%, so it wasn’t that stressful. Still, I’m ready to unwind a little.

Merrin mastered the recipe for Mojitos last night, so I’m hoping we can have Mound Meet-up tonight with the regular gang (K&M, J&C&M, S&m&F, and who ever can make it). I don’t think anything is confirmed yet, but I’m up for it.

I’ll be headed out of town this Sunday to New Orleans for a sales rally. There’s a lot to celebrate this year company-wide, so the opening reception is a re-creation of Jazz Fest with eight bands. The last night we’re closing Canal Street and recreating Mardi Gras complete with Krewe’s, floats, beads – the whole works. (No word on if the Girls Gone Wild video guys will be there.) For the after-party, we’ve rented out House of Blues.

Somewhere in there we’ve got a couple days of conferences and networking. Last time I went to one of these, I ended up calling Merrin at 4am to listen to me go onstage at Howl at the Moon in LA. (BTW – Calling the wife after drinking until 4am is generally Not a Good Thing™)

Long story short – I’ll be out of pocket for a few days next week. I’m really in a blogging mood, so maybe I’ll be posting like crazy until Sunday.

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  1. M, all the boys except K!

    Howl at the Moon is one of our accounts, and I think House of Blues might be too. If so, you better show me some support.

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