You’ve Got (Fence) Mail

One of the cool things about living next door to your friends is that the fence becomes a meeting place. If any of us were nearly six feet tall, we could even have Wilson-esque neighborly talks there. One cool tradition we have started is fence mail. It’s a simple way to get something back and forth – a girly drill, some chairs, whatever.

Tonight, we had Baked Ziti With Spicy Pork And Sausage Ragu in our fence mail. It was awesome! I had been cutting the grass & Merrin was working late, so Cooper City Carry Out was a definite homerun on our dinner table.

One thing I’m learning about Josh, the man does nothing in moderation. Buying beer? Better get a truckload. Making steaks? He’s raising a side of beef. Hard drive capacity? What man needs a terraflop?! Need dinner? He’s got Ziti for 34. Need to laugh with a friend? He’s got all night for you.

Best part of Flower Mound, without a doubt, is the people you meet.

6 thoughts on “You’ve Got (Fence) Mail”

  1. I want to be neighbors with all of you, but I don’t want to leave Colorado. Would all of you consider moving to the place that inspired “America, the Beautiful”?

  2. Well, you know how Texans are 🙂 I really like the Mound, it does something to you that makes you feel apart of things, at least so far thats my feelings.

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