Revealed: Artist Rendering of W Dallas

Click for larger imageHere’s the first artist rendering I can find of the new W Hotel Dallas. From the other posts on this subject, you can clearly make out the hotel rooms in the first 15 stories, followed by the Bliss Spa and Infinity Pool.

Floors 17-30 are the Residences.

The 31st floor will house the Ghost Bar – similar to the bar atop the Palms casino resort in Las Vegas.

When I first read about the design, I thought, “Hmm… OK…whatever.” But seeing it here in rendered form, I’m thinking it looks like a million bucks. In the background you can see the “green building” (with the lighted green ‘X’) whose name escapes me right now and additional Dallas Skyline. My perspective may be a little off, but I believe the American Airlines center would be just in the foreground – but out of the shot slightly.

Still no word on why I’m so interested in this project. I guess I’m just being a hotel junkie right now.

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