Decisions, decisions, decisions

OK. I’m really going to need your help here. Merrin & I were in the process of planning one of those ‘once in a lifetime’ type trips to Ireland for our birthdays (May 29 & May 30). I’ve got the travel benefits from work to cover almost all of the costs, so it’s something that we normally wouldn’t do for ourselves (at least not at this juncture). Five days or so in Ireland traveling, seeing all the sights of my forefathers, and eating & sleeping in some of the most incredible places you can imagine.

Then today, they had to go and announce this. And it’s not “just” a Jimmy Buffett concert (as if there is such a thing). It’s Jimmy Buffett, Alan Jackson, and George Straight for like six plus hours at Texas Stadium on Merrin’s birthday.

So, do we head off to Ireland and tell ’em to kiss our shamrocks, or do we load up the Mound crew, call in the babysitter (!), and go see one of the most incredible Memorial Day Weekend concerts ever?


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  1. You know how much I love George, but I’m not so sure how I’ll feel about leaving my one month old child at home all day while I go to a concert. And you’ve seen Jimmy, and will get to see him again, so I think you guys should go to Ireland. Not to mention there would be “baby’s milk” issues.

  2. I have no idea what Merrin is going to say. I know that we can see Jimmy any time, but we’ve been talking about the 2004 Buffett concert for a year – plus George at TX Stadium. And don’t get me started on Alan Jackson. When are you gonna get to see all three of them?!

    The Ireland trip isn’t “locked in” in any way. We could go at any point, we just thought our birthdays would make a great time.

    I’m so conflicted!!!!!!

  3. The concert! Ireland isnt going to move.. nor its is going to stop performing when they get old hehe .

    Just what I think 😀

  4. Aye laddie, an’ I’m agreein’ with Pepperminttina that ye should goe t’th’ Emrald Isle. Boot I’m sugjestin’ p’raps ye looke at th’ toore shedule t’see if theye might not be havin’ anoother win ye could goe to on yer wae home?

  5. Y’all clearly aren’t seeing the big picture here…I said Buffett. C’mon, shape up! Besides, I can always have me lucky charms for breakfast, right?!

  6. Sure an’ you’d be havin’ t’catch ye a wee bowl now.

    I dinna ken why yood na’be askin’ Missus Donahue for her opinion on th’matter. For it’s her as be goin’ with yer, an’ as they sae in extreme southwest Dooblin (nigh down to Baton Rouge, America):

    If th’mama be happy, all mae be happy.
    Boot if th’mama is bein’ oonhappy, t’won’t there be any happiness a’tall.

  7. Clearly, we aren’t agreein’ with you, lad! Go the way of the Fairies! Ulster, County Cork, Muenster, Connacht! (which are made up? Well! We won’t be knowing till you and the Mrs. get your wrinkles there now, will you, boy?!)

    Buffet, Boufant, Buffy…Ahhh! See him later, for cryin’ out loud!

  8. I think the solution is fairly clear: Go to the concert on Saturday, and leave for the Emerald Isle on Sunday. That way we’ll get to sleep off our hangovers on the plane.
    Leave it to a woman to be practical AND to make everyone happy.

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