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A lot of people cling to AOL & Compuserve despite the number of better, faster, and cheaper connections available to them for one simple reason: There isn’t an easy way to download your AOL address book & favorite places to your computer. So, rather than lose their address book, a lot of users choose to stay with AOL.

Fear not, AOL user. There is a way to download your America Online address book & favorite places to your computer. You can then use any number of tools (IE, Outlook, Outlook Express, Netscape, Mozilla, etc) to connect via another service.

UPDATE: This tool was written for older versions of AOL. If you’re using AOL 8 or 9, the save tool is now called “Sync”. AOL Search “sync” or see more info here.

Step One: Check for Sun’s Java Runtime Environment.
The programs to download the AOL address book and favorites require Sun’s free Java Runtime Environment (JRE). If you have Windows XP, you may not have this installed because Microsoft has it’s own version. It’s free, though, and you can download it directly from Sun. Just so you know, it’s a big file (about 5MB).

Step Two: Download AOLeave’s Address Book Tool and Favorite Places Tool
This handy tool from allows you to download your address book and favorites. It’s pretty simple actually. Just download the Address Book Tool and the Favorite Places Tool from

Step Three: Save the Address Book as a .pst file
Outlook and Outlook Express use a Personal Folder File (.pst) format. Using the AOLeave address book tool, save your AOL address book as a .pst file.

Step Four: Import your .pst file into Outlook
Open Outlook or Outlook Express. On the File menu, click “Import and Export.” Then click “Import from another program or file” and hit Next. In “Select the file type to import from,” click “Personal Folder File (.pst),” then Next.

In “File to Import,” click Browse to locate the .pst file you want to import and click Next. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

Step Five: Verify your address book
Click on the Contacts area in Outlook and verify that your address book imported correctly. Feel free to make any updates or add additional info, as Outlook will general support more information than your AOL address book.

That’s it. Just five easy steps to import your AOL adress book into Microsoft Outlook. Now you can decide to keep AOL or leave AOL at any time! In any case, at least you have a backup of your AOL address book.

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  1. I know I’ll be back to look for this post. We’ve helped so many friends and family members off of AOL and they always panic about losing their addresses. I think we have emailed them over in the past.

    Some people need AOL, tho. They just do.

  2. I know I’ll be back to look for this post. We’ve helped so many friends and family members off of AOL and they always panic about losing their addresses. I think we have emailed them over in the past.

    Some people need AOL, tho. They just do.

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  3. I tried doing this but there is no option to save the address book on AOL 8.0. Am I missing something?


  4. Well this is a nice answer, but my client uses aol 8 that doesn’t have the save feature. I am going to create the Generic printer with the port set to FILE. So when I “Print” the dumb list it will go to a text file that i will edit to Comma seperated values, CSV for input into outlook… more work but get’s the job done…

  5. Kevin,

    Your help does not take us anywhere, because there is no SAVE option in AOL any more, and it is a required step in’s procedure.

  6. Reading is fundamental, Chris. The instructions are for versions 6 & 7, not versions 8 or 9.

    For more recent versions of AOL, you can “SYNC” your address book easily between Outlook, Outlook Express and several other tools. For complete instructions, AOL Keyword “sync” or check this AOL help page.

  7. Thanks for repeating the above, Andrew. Nice work, sir. Again, this will only work if you’re using AOL version 7 or below. That’s been stated here several times and is included in the post above several months ago. Gracias.

  8. Have you tried ePreserver? It can convert your AOL email, address book, and favorites places to Outlook or Outlook Express all at once without having to figure out how to install the Java Runtime system. ePreserver even supports AOL 8 and 9. It is, however, commercial software.

  9. This is a bit cumbersome, but it’s how I got my Dad to kick the AOL habit and export his AOL 6.0 address book.

    1. Go to, login and open your address book.

    2. Since the list in the window is HTML it can be viewed as a text file by right-clicking on “View Source”

    3. Save or copy the part of the source code with the names and addresses in it to a .txt file.

    4. I then cleaned up the file in WORD by doing a search and replace on most of the non-data characters. (Hint: Use the “View Hidden Characters” option in Word).

    5. Save that file and re-import it into Excel. Excel will then give you nice choices on making the file into nice neat columns.

    6. Clean up the Excel file and re-save.

    7. Import the Excel file into Outlook using the Import function.

    It’s not easy, and it’s not perfect, but it’s free, and works pretty well.

    Good luck.

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