Yeah, I did it

I know I said I wouldn’t, then I went and did it. And you asked for a picture, so here’s one. It’s not a very good picture…kinda dark…kinda out of focus – but that’s the art side of me. Oops! Hold on! That’s not me! (Or was it??)


12 thoughts on “Yeah, I did it”

  1. I’m glad you know, Josh, since I think it’s heading straight to a midlife crisis, complete with a new Ferrari and a 16-year-old Italian girlfriend.

  2. I will say this – we saw some “highlight” hair gel in the store the other day. You know the stuff where you use it and add blue or green or red to your hair and then it supposedly washes out in one wash? Very interesting. 😉

    Not sure where this is heading. I don’t think I’ll get a Ferrari. I do want one of these, though. As far as a 16 year-old girlfriend goes, I don’t think I could stand the whining. Besides, I have enough trouble keeping up with my wife! 🙂

  3. As far as looking younger goes, I’d say that you’re probably right. I think it looks more “my age” than the old haircut. The “looking my age” thing has always been a problem, though – because I used to look so much younger than I was. That has kinda caught up with me now, though.

    The Fab 5 would say that all I need now is to drop 20 pounds and get some of that sunless tanning crap. I’m ok with losing a little more weight – but that suntan gel shit is for the birds.

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