Kentucky Fried No

I’ve always been a big believer in the simple premise that restaurants (and I use that term in its most loose, all encompassing, broadest sense possible) with a specific food in the title should always be able to serve that food. For example, you should never go to Taco Bell and find them out of tacos. Likewise, Pizza Hut should always be ready to serve pizza.

So, why is it that every freakin time we go to Kentucky Fried Chicken they don’t have chicken?! WTF?! We go to KFC ~maybe~ three times a year. Maybe. But every damn time I go and want to order chicken, no such luck. It was that way at the KFC in Fort Worth and now it’s true in Flower Mound too. What gives?

I really believe in my heart of hearts that the most popular item on the KFC menu has to be a fried chicken leg. I mean, kids love ’em. I love ’em. We all love ’em. (Well, everyone but you PETA freaks.) Right?

So, you would expect that KFC would be able to sell me some quantity of chicken legs, right? One? Two? Any? No can do at Kentucky Fried Chicken. They simply don’t have any chicken to sell. WTF?!

I need a big roll of duct tape to wrap my head before my brain explodes. Thank God it’s the weekend. At least I didn’t try to order chinese food.

4 thoughts on “Kentucky Fried No”

  1. Heh, some friends and I went to a Pizza Hut years ago and ordered a pizza on “hand tossed” crust. The waitress apologized and said that they were out of that kind of crust. Now how can a pizza joint be out of crust? Did someone forcibly remove all the flour and water from the place? We all assumed later that they get their pizza crusts like I get my pie crusts – premade and frozen. Fortunately, there are better pizza places than Pizza Hut.

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