Bock, Bock

Speaking of chicken (or lack thereof), I’m wanting to get a new haircut. I have to be kinda careful because I need to keep a conservative look for work. I mean, I wear suits everyday – I can’t grow my hair out or get an Army Ranger haircut. While I’m resolved to the fact that I’m not “good looking” per se, Queer Eye has convinced me that I can look better for my wife.

I don’t know exactly what I’m looking for in a hair cut. Maybe something more Edward Norton and less old guy. I definitely want it to be short.

Everyone says bring a picture to my “barber”. That whole sentence scares me because, #1 – I can’t find a picture that I like exactly, and #2 – For eight dollars, I wouldn’t exactly expect SportsClips to be Mecca for makeovers.

Well, anyway, this is too hard so I’ll probably abandon the idea all together.

6 thoughts on “Bock, Bock”

  1. Baby, you’ll always look good to me, even when we’re 95 and pruney. I love you because of who you are, not because of your hair. That said, your new ‘do looks fantastic!

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