I like Red Bull

OK. This is getting ridiculous. First I had to come clean that I couldn’t remember my own phone number. That felt so good that a few weeks later I out-ed myself about never recycling. Somehow, that inspired me to head back to the confessional to admit I was getting made-over courtesy of the Fab 5.

While these posts are cathartic and (in my opinion) some of my funnier posts, they’re starting to occur with greater frequency. If I keep this increased pace, I’m going to have to start a “Confessional” category.

Which leads me to my most startling and difficult confession yet:

(Side note: This post is restricted to Camille. She must stop reading here.)

I have tasted the enemy and…damn…that shit is good!!

For whatever reason, I decided I would do a side by side comparison. I bought a can of delicious nectar and a can of the toro rojo. I had one in the morning and the other in the afternoon. After pealing myself off the ceiling, I realized that the toro rojo is really, really good.

In fact, it’s so good that I’ve tried to hide it, but I was risking being out-ed, so I had to come clean. I’ve been buying toro rojo for a couple of days. I was wrong. She was right. Damn.

But I’m a big boy. I can admit when I am wrong. So there…I said it. I was wrong. She was right.

Now, do you think I can get some freebies, C??

7 thoughts on “I like Red Bull”

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  2. I had a Red Bull for the first time the day you posted about Hansens. I would have had a Hansens, but they didn’t have that where I was. Anyway… I loved the taste, but it made me feel real sick. I guess I’m not cut out for all that energy or something.

    You’re a good man to be able to admit you’re wrong, KevinDonahue.com. 🙂

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