Hey buddy, you wanna a buy a watch?

Hey, y’all. Who’s got a dvd burner? I’m wanting a DVD R+/RW+ burner and I’m wondering what your experiences have been on “after market” burners. Also, what software are you using? Ideally, this info would be relateable to my P4 with XP Pro (just in case the previous Mac post didn’t expose my bias!)

It seems prices have really come down. I mean, Fry’s/Outpost has burners from $129, for crying’ out loud. So, post your comments so I can get all ed-u-ma-cated. Thanks!

7 thoughts on “Hey buddy, you wanna a buy a watch?”

  1. HI… no clue about those DVD burner things, will wait for your instructions after you have it all figured out. Just catching up, heading over Merrin’s now. 🙂

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