All Hail College Football Gods

I’ve died and gone to Heaven. That’s the only explanation that seems to fit. How else can you explain 38 college football games coming up this weekend? 38 televised games. 38. XXXVIII.

I’ve got the Tivo’s fired up and we’re ready to roll. I plan on recording & watching the better part of 20+ games this weekend. My only fear is that I’ll run out of chips/dip/beer. Whatever will I do if that happens? Who could I possibly call on?

Of course, none of this football watching would be possibly without the miracle that is Tivo and four satellite feeds – as this weekend also calls for a baseball game with him, his jet-lagged wife, & the missus, plus being Mr. Host for the big bash, and the customary suburban weekend yard extravaganza.

4 thoughts on “All Hail College Football Gods”

  1. Merrin, thats ok we can go drink beer while he is watching TV 🙂

    So do you have 2 recivers hooked up to each TiVo?

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