All call for relationship advice

Merrin has done something exceptional for me in transforming our normal, somewhat boring kitchen into an incredible, beautiful room. (What she has done really is awesome! Pictures shortly)

In turn, I want to do something incredible for her. I need your input because this is probably something that’s going to have to be planned well in advance for two main reasons: scheduling & budgeting.

Option A: I’m thinking about getting away to someplace warm this winter. We will probably be making a Florida trip, but I think Merrin would really appreciate some fun in the sun. I am thinking Mexico or someplace we can be incommunicado. We have a ton of Luxury Collection properties in Mexico and Latin America. I think it would be fun to sneak away and just disappear with one another for a few days.

Option B: Merrin loves New York. It may be her favorite city in America. But she’s never seen it all dressed up for Christmas. I was thinking we could fly to NYC for some snowflakes and holiday shopping. Christmas is already our favorite time of the year. If we could work in a show or a few museums to balance out the shopping, she might just think she’s died and gone to heaven. I think it’s fair to say that we have some really exceptional NYC hotels, so that would definitely be an option.

Option C: Anywhere else. Aspen, Vancouver, SF…you name it.

OK, loyal readers, let’s hear it.

13 thoughts on “All call for relationship advice”

  1. You two are quite the lovebirds. Its so cute.
    Now for my choice. I have always wanted to see NYC at Christmas, so I choose option B!

  2. Visit us in Boston!! Sure, it’s not real warm here, especially in December… oh, and I guess it’s not very romantic… well… ok, nevermind. 😉 I’d opt for Mexico! (Always wanted to go – probably never will)

  3. I would go for somewhere warm because I hate the cold. Then again New York dressed up for Christmas…… Sorry , can’t help. I’m sure where ever you two went the ‘background’ wouldn’t matter too much!

  4. Close your eyes and start poking your finger at the screen…where your finger lands (not in your nose), is where you take the woman! Honestly, any getaway would be fab! I’m certain Merrin would love that you did this for her, you hunky hunky man! Hahahahaha!

    Me, I’d opt for the NY/Christmas deal!

  5. We just got back from 5 wonderful days in Cancun, Mexico. If you can go to the Yucatan in Mexico, do it. The people are great, the Caribbean is entrancing, and the entertainment is second to none.

  6. We definitely enjoy the Yucatan. Been to a couple of nice resorts down there. I think NYC is the ticket for us, but our next trip to Mexico will be on the Pacific coast.

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